Personal Firefighters

September 6, 2012


When I was most hopeless and in my darkest pain When 90% of my loved ones ran When I was devastated beyond repair When bowing out became the ray of light You came in waving your hair and bible up in my face Not before smacking me with love and grace Loving me just as […]

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Same Shit, Different Year?

January 1, 2012


I have read the typical and almost expected celebratory “Happy New Year.”  I could not help but really just think about what it meant for me in my life in this very moment.  I realized what works best  for me and my walk is Happy New Living Life, so that is exactly what I offer myself […]

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My Promise to Keep Afloat

June 27, 2011


Through my recent drownings in depression, I have found that my biggest life-savors showed up unintentionally in the most discreet and tricky fashion. They arrived in boat loads by endless interactions with my BF3. I have been beautifully drenched by smiles of strangers and laughing fits from my mini-me. Overwhelmingly splashed by the love entangled […]

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Mirror Talk

December 6, 2010


You have belonging and acceptance here. You are designed to succeed. You are a valuable gem and perfectly made with all your imperfections. You are free and loved by more than you even know. You are worth the risk. Your light wants to shine onto others, let it. You can give and receive love, just […]

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Celebrating Results: Runningman Style

November 29, 2010


Letting go of the idea that I must maintain my false self and embracing the hilarious and scary process as I unfold. Leaning into truth and making choices that reflect heartsoftenings. Stepping back from selfish behavior while learning to love in a way you experience love.  This seems most unnatural. Struggeling through the dismissal of […]

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As It Turns Out, I Do Mind

October 11, 2010


As it turns out, I miss the amount of engagement my family offered before I set healthy boundaries. Also, I do not want to be everyone’s bestie as previously believed. My need to please others has not entirely dissolved.  The self-worth battle continues. As it turns out, I do mind silencing my preferences and I regret […]

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Am I in Arizona?

July 23, 2010


In the past few months I have experienced a sad growing number of people approaching and nonchalantly bringing up my legal status. This week, I was directly asked yet again if I am illegal.  I thought I lived in Oregon, not in the racial profiling state of Arizona. I cannot even begin to express how […]

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